Diary of a Mad County

SATURDAY, Nov. 23 About 150 protesters against America's upcoming war with Iraqtake their message to the people on the mean streets of South County. Of course, there are no people on the mean streets of South County this morning—being Saturday and, uh, South County—so motorists will have to do. The march starts at peacenik-y Soka University in Aliso Viejo and winds its way to the Chet Holifield Federal Building in Laguna Niguel. Though the route cuts through the heart of Bush Country, drivers who do not avoid making eye contact with the rabble-rousers generally smile, wave and—gasp!—honk their horns in approval. And the expected throng of counterdemonstrators never show. But before you conclude that the absence of pro-warriors and warm embrace of anti-warriors must be emblematic of national sentiments against another war for oil, keep in mind that JC Penney was having a sale.

SUNDAY, Nov. 24 Another public display against the war sprouts up, this time in Costa Mesa, where a banner hanging from the Fairview Road overpass carries this message to drivers on the southbound 405 freeway: “Thou shalt not kill Iraqi children.” Such reverence is broken as drivers zoom past Trinity Broadcasting Network Headquarters.

MONDAY, Nov. 25 Validating old sage Boy George's proverb that the Karma Chameleoncomes and goes, Lan Nguyen is declared the winner of a seat on the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees—a full 20 days after the election. You'll recall that in his post-election guide (“Point and Laugh!” Nov. 15), R. Scott Moxley wrote that Garden Grove rednecks routinely mocked the Vietnamese-American attorney's accent during the campaign. These asswipes probably figured they had the last guffaw as Nguyen trailed in the vote count for weeks. But he becomes the first Vietnamese-American ever elected to a school board after all's said and counted. We're guessing the Orange County Registrar of Voters still uses an abacus.

TUESDAY, Nov. 26 Actor Robert Blake retains two new defense lawyers, both with Orange County ties. Blake, who stands accused of offing wife Bonny Lee Bakley, had a parting of ways with his original attorney, Harland W. Braun. Stepping into Braun's wingtips is ex-OC prosecutor Thomas Arthur Mesereau Jr., who represented Mike Tyson last year before the San Bernardino County district attorney's office declined to file rape charges against the boxer. Rounding out Blake's legal team is Mesereau's former associate Jennifer Lynn Keller, a criminal-defense specialist out of Irvine with a nice jab herself. The change-up proves yet again that OC legal eagles can finagle their way into just about every high-profile case in Los Angeles. Rodney Kingand at least one of the cops accused of beating him had OC attorneys. The deputy counsel for the Christopher Commission—the panel that investigated the LAPD after the riots sparked by the King trial—practices in Irvine. O.J. Simpson's murder and child-custody cases teemed with OC lawyers, experts and court commissioners (not to mention the parents and siblings of at least one victim). We could go on, but a shrewd shark would probably figure out a way to charge us $400 per hour for the privilege.

Gammoh gets the last lap
Photo by Jack Gould

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 27 A state appeals court strikes down a La Habra law that outlaws lap dances. In the ruling attorneys on both sides receive today—when not pimping for jobs on high-profile cases in LA—the Fourth District Court of Appeals says La Habra's ordinance dictating that strippers stay at least six feet away from horndogs is unconstitutional. The justices reason that the law as written would prevent other entertainers—such as comics, circus freaks, Amway salespeople—from getting within six feet of their audiences. It also would prevent strippers from carrying out other duties, such as serving drinks; tending bar; and debating Le Chatelier's principlethat holds if a change is made to a system in chemical equilibrium, the equilibrium shifts to oppose the change until a new equilibrium is reached. The appellate decision is a victory for the operators of La Habra's only nudie bar, Taboo Gentlemen's Club (formerly the Pelican Theater). Owner Bill Gammohreportedly spent 24 days in jail in 2000 for defying the lap-dance ban—and, boy, is his lap tired.

THURSDAY, Nov. 28 An item about Newport Beach's adopted favorite son John Wayne lands in our laps courtesy of Western Clippings, sort of a virtual version of those web blogs that encapsulate news from other Internet sources. Or—gulp!—a virtual version of us. Virtually. Poor bastards. Near as we can tell by the remainder of the single page of Western Clippings before us, the service specializes in stories about dead or faded Hollywood cowboys. Above a citation for The Orange County Register's story on the plans to tear down the Newport Bay home the Duke called home from 1963-'79 is a notice about a piece first printed in the Dallas Morning News. Corn farmers who are obviously bored with counting all their U.S. taxpayer-funded subsidies have an unusual hobby: making mazes out of their cornfields to create images or messages. One such maize maze near Knoxville, Iowa, has been cut to look like Wayne, who originally hailed from the Hawkeye State—back when he was known as Marion Morrison. With Newport bereft of cornfields, perhaps some enterprising soul could make an image of him from sand or seaweed or land developers strung end to end.

FRIDAY, Nov. 29 We told you last week about the protest against one of those Newport Beach developers, John Laing Homes, which plans to move a 400-year-old oak tree called Old Gloryin Santa Clarita so that a road can be expanded. One activist has planted himself in the tree to keep it from budging, and a few more show up outside Laing's Dove Street headquarters with signs, slogans and evening news-ready spiels. The joke's on them: Laing is closed for the Thanksgiving weekend.

SATURDAY, Nov. 30 Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. Atlachinolli Front, whom you may know from previous protests against Columbus Day, schools with Indian mascots and other symbolic slights, holds a “No Thanks” presentation/discourse at Centro Cultural de Mexico in Santa Ana about what Thanksgiving means to indigenous people. We'll go out on a limb (sorry, Old Glory) and guess what they think ain't pretty.

SUNDAY, Dec. 1 We hit the aisles at our local Trader Joe's, safe in the knowledge that the supermarket chain is trying mightily to remove all genetically engineered (GE) food from its premises. The company almost reached its goal of eliminating all GE products last month, hoping to join the bans carried out already by Wild Oats and Whole Foods markets. We haven't checked, but we're sure Mother's must've banned them as well. (To find out which brands and labels are GE-free, log onto Greenpeace's True Food Network site: www.truefoodnow.org.) What we put into our bodies is a hot topic lately, with a federal judge recently ruling that former Dodgers great Steve Garvey did not engage in false advertising by hawking a weight-loss product that promised results even if consumers ate such “forbidden foods” as ribs and buttered biscuits. Speaking of forbidden foods, today marks the first day of a new diet by a plump porn star. Kim Kelly of Santa Monica is going to spend the next 30 days subsisting only on “man juice.” Christ, if only we knew about the weight-loss implications back in high school when we were trying to con girls into swallowing because it would clear up their complexions.

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  3. Mannequin decisions have been principally as earlier than: Cruiser two- and four-door hardtops in each sequence, four-door Monterey/Montclair sedans, Monterey two-door sedan, Park Lane convertible and, still a distinct sequence, four-door Commuter and wood-sided Colony Park hardtop wagons. The separate Station Wagon series reverted to conventional pillared 4-doors: six- and nine-passenger Commuters and Colony Parks. Topping the road was the brand new Park Lane sequence of two hardtops and a convertible (additionally out there as Montclairs and Montereys). The Convertible Cruiser was abandoned (after only 1265 of the ’57s) and the 2 closed Cruisers turned Montclair submodels. Monterey resumed because the premium Mercury, listing a four-door sedan and hardtop, a two-door hardtop, and a convertible. Accordingly, the road was changed for ’62 by a “Monterey 6,” and the name moved to Mercury’s version of the new intermediate Ford Fairlane. Nonetheless, Comet and Monterey spanned your entire decade. Comet wasn’t exciting, however it bought nicely: over 116,000 for the abbreviated debut season.

    Certainly, volume went up substantially for 1960 — to over 271,000 — though that was owed primarily to the brand new compact Comet. In actual fact, one motive Meteor did not sell properly is that Comet was comparably sized yet extra inexpensive. For all that, this Meteor didn’t promote nearly as nicely as the Fairlane, and Mercury dropped it for 1964 in favor of an extensively upgraded Comet. Mercury would join the rush to compacts and inter­mediates soon enough. However, the lowlands didn’t have enough open grasslands to assist a large horsebound force; for this and different causes, the nomads who conquered states in China, India, and the Center East often found themselves adapting to the local, more affluent societies. The tiny horses may be an alternative for people who are allergic to canine or who searching for previous wealthy seniors in texas have equestrian backgrounds and are more comfortable with horses. Wanting again, Mercury gross sales stumbled after 1956 at the least in part as a result of the fleet, good-wanting automobiles of earlier years had been abandoned for shiny, begadgeted behemoths that could not hope to promote well in a down economic system. Lower costs failed to perk up gross sales (barely 6400 between them).

    Despite the retrenchment, mannequin-yr volume failed to prime 150,000 models — hardly the hoped-for recovery. Though the bottom dropped out of the medium-value market in ’58, Mercury remained eighth regardless of constructing solely 40 percent of its 1957 quantity. Mercury was thus wise to make Comet its only small automotive after ’63. A brand new identify was Meteor, long the model of a Canadian-made Mercury derivative, which appeared on two quite different U.S. College students at the Royal College of Effective Arts obtained in-class coaching by skilled archaeologists for 2 full semesters. So were powertrains, together with Ford’s fine new small-block V-eight with 221 cid and 145 bhp or 260 cid and 164 bhp. These have been ostensibly Cruiser replacements with much less hoke and an enormous 360-bhp 430-cid V-eight shared with that 12 months’s Lincolns. The Medalist and Turnpike Cruiser fashions have been forgotten, and Montclair and wagons each slimmed from six fashions to four. Wagons — woody-look Nation Cruiser and plain-sided Villagers (a reputation transferred from the Edsel line) — joined hardtops as 1963 additions. Customized sedans and wagons and a posh Villager wagon with imitation wooden trim aided ’62 gross sales. Wheelbase was 114 inches on two- and 4-door sedans; wagons used Falcon’s 109.5-inch span. More the ’59 Mercurys undoubtedly had, with even larger our bodies on a four-inch longer wheelbase.

    The Meteor’s styling was busier than the Fairlane’s and mannequin names were different, but bodies were shared. Sales set a file idateasia review for ‘sixty one at 197,000 and have been robust for ’62, which damage Mercury’s new Meteor mannequin. The 383 was customary for all ’58 Mercs, save Medalists (which got here with a 235-bhp 312) and Park Lane, and delivered 312 or 330 bhp depending on model. The ‘fifty nine slate listed a 210-bhp 312 for Monterey, a 345-bhp 430 for Park Lane, and 280- and 322-bhp 383s for others. Though Meteor actually outsold Monterey, sales weren’t spectacular. This 116-inch-wheelbase platform continued on Comets via 1969, but sales waned. However considerably, Rambler handed the massive M in sales and was quick gaining on Pontiac, Olds, and Buick. Styling was nonetheless sq. however more sculpted, marked by a mile-extensive grille, enormous bumpers at each finish, enormous windshields and rear windows, and a extra sharply creased version of the odd 1957-58 rear-fender scallops. The four-collection massive-car line (which may need been Edsels had issues gone better there) remained two-ton heavyweights with enormous compound-curve windshields, but a handsome facelift removed a bit of chrome whereas adding a tidy concave grille and more-discreet “gullwing” rear fenders. In the event you make an effort to pressure her into a long-term dedication prior to she is prepared for it, then you definitely might find yourself aching her or leaving her too early.

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  5. Each individual can specify his/her terms before they connect, whether they need to travel, demand an allowance, or different specifications. To skip our detailed analysis of the online dating industry, you may go to read about 5 Free International Dating Sites Without Payment. But it surely must be kept in mind on this respect that not all online dating websites presents free entry to access their database. In fact at these online dating sites it is advisable pay some cost to entry their database but it surely is healthier to get registered to some free online dating sites which have a larger database. If you’re courting in a rustic whose language you don’t converse, you’ll positively wish to prioritize platforms that supply translation instruments to reduce language obstacles. It may possibly show you how to bridge communication gaps that you might experience attempting to fulfill people in individual in a foreign country. Some cool-season crops, like spinach, lettuce and kale, might be planted earlier. With so many various varieties to select from, there’s a lettuce for every taste. Such is the case with the business of courting. In such a case it is better if you happen to ship a not or a reply to the particular person providing real explanations in case if you don’t wish to continue communicating with the person any longer.

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    Depending on what exactly it’s that you are searching for, you may slender down [url=https://www.prweb.com/releases/survey_charmdate_com_reveals_why_people_think_online_dating_is_a_scam/prweb15276919.htm]charmdate scam[/url] your selections to a specific class of relationship. Therefore the best thing that can be finished is to keep checking numerous profiles time to time. There are a lot of causes that folks be a part of the best online dating site. Talking to many people whereas online dating in Canada, you might really feel interested for any particular particular person. Besides these there may be one other thing that must be stored in mind that there are a number of people who keep on updating their profile which it’s possible you’ll find interesting even if you haven’t found any curiosity in that profile earlier. And there is also probabilities so that you can search for different folks whom it’s possible you’ll discover fascinating. Since these websites are providing you so many features for free, there is no such thing as a hurt in trying them if you’re single and searching for companion up to now. Sometimes people are looking for their true love, some need to have a good time and others just want to meet, greet and socialize with heaps of different individuals. JollyRomance is targeted on true Russian and Slavic romance, and there normally are a number of Latin girls on this webpage.

  6. Regardless of who tells you otherwise, keep away from utilizing cheesy strains on a date or leading up to one. Our recommendation (don’t fret, it does not include any lame pick-up traces) is brimming with practical information designed to help you feel extra at ease. All the four online dating suggestions enumerated will probably be sufficient to assist keep you on the relationship scene, nevertheless mendacity about your private identity is sure to push issues downhill. When you do that, you’re going to make her really feel like she’s sitting in a job interview and it won’t assist her to relax. It could not always begin that approach however you can safely expect something like that to emerge after a while. Being honest about the best way you feel is refreshing. It’s additionally about non-verbal cues reminiscent of facial expressions and hand gestures and being ready to truly GET what she’s saying. Plus, it’s always good to get suggestions from associates early on, simply in case you’ve truly been blinded and have to be introduced right down to earth ASAP!

    Once you finally arrange a date after the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s like you’ve identified each other already. While it’s okay to not profess your undying love for her right away, appearing too cool or going scorching and cold is extra probably to only make her lose curiosity. While it’s great to give her compliments, in case you begin suggesting you see each other day by day, or texting her as soon as you part ways, this units alarm bells ringing. As you get to know one another higher and you develop into more comfortable then you definitely can give your e-mail address and instantaneous messenger ID. Making an effort to get to know her pals and taking an curiosity in them fairly early on reveals her you need to be part of her life and care concerning the individuals important to her. Swiping left means you don’t want to match with them. In relation to the very best dating advice for men, don’t neglect this tip. Most of those relationship apps are out to seize your engagement and then extract a couple of Benjamin’s from your wallet with premium subscriptions and tokens.

    Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble function on the precept of mutual curiosity. That’s why so many books with dating advice for males recommend uncovering your intentions instantly – tell women that you just (and your folks) should not here to choose them up, you just want to have some fun too, if they do not mind. Make it possible for she is aware of you’re listening to her, that’s the best dating advice for men! Combine your date search and search ethnically, search by religion, govt search, pet lover, green search, military search and etc. In case you are considering joining an online dating service you’ll have to finish an in-depth profile and provide self pictures. Embrace authenticity on your relationship profile by resisting the temptation to create the profile of somebody you need to be, or someone you hope folks assume you’re. You don’t have to come on too robust, however there is nothing fallacious with being enthusiastic about someone you meet that you like. You could possibly come over as a bit of sleazy, and that probably won’t impress her much in any respect. In case you begin going off about how much you hate your ex, and even how nice they were, that is off-placing and will have an effect on whether or not they agree to a second date with you or not.

    Don’t look across the room, no matter how much you love folks-watching! They don’t go down well and the best-case state of affairs is that it raises a giggle – at you, not with you. Different dates make nice dates and if it works out between you, you’ll have wonderful memories too! Most of us have a superb sense of whether a date goes well, or whether you just aren’t getting on. However, an excellent date is all about attending to know each other, so make sure you give her an opportunity to inform you about herself too. Remember, you don’t know her very nicely yet and if you need the chance to learn more, you’re going to have to keep away from upsetting her. These sites can restrict the field to these choices that will be acceptable to you and allow you to avoid choices that do not sit properly with you. Setting your teen up with their own computer in their room could be [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/asiame-reviews/]asiame scam[/url] harmful and troublesome to manage! Once i see a teen that’s addicted to the pc, my teen dating advice is that at some point that guy or woman is indirectly escaping the matrix of relationships by tuning out the world.

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