Diamond Jamboree To Get a Pho Restaurant

Well that was quick. Greek Islands Cuisine has only been closed less than a month and already Diamond Jamboree has another tenant lined up to take its place–a pho joint. Pho Saigon Pearl will be the first and, so far, the only Vietnamese restaurant to make its mark in the predominantly Asian complex.

Though it can be said that there is no shortage of pho joints in Irvine, the arrival of a Vietnamese restaurant at Diamond Jamboree seems to complete the Asian flavor menagerie on offer there. 

In other Diamond Jamboree news, SWSH Shabu Shabu is closing in on an opening date. And this week, Itriya Cafe, that spaghetti and ssam restaurant at the prominent corner spot, has put up a sign that September 27th will be the first day of business.

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