Dharma Bummer [Hey, You!]

You’re the owner of a popular yoga studio in Orange County. I saw you take a bunch of art that was hanging on the wall and leave it outside. After finding her work on the ground, the artist came in and asked to speak with you. The receptionist told the artist you weren’t going to be in today because you were in off-site meetings. But the reality was you weren’t working at all! You were in the back, taking duck-face selfies on your phone! I could see you through the window in the door. It’s rude to leave an artist’s work outside, but to not have the decency to talk to her after dumping her stuff is appalling! And to have an employee lie for you on top of that is a sign of your sketchy character. Just so you know, I told the artist where you were, and we’re spreading the word to not go to your studio. Namaste, bitch.

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