Dessy Di Lauro's Neo-Ragtime Jamboree

It's seldom that we come across a musical style that's truly unique and unlike anything we've heard before. Meet Dessy Di Lauro and her “neo-ragtime” sound, a self-penned genre to describe her music: modern R&B and jazz blended with '20s and '30s ragtime and stride piano. From her years spent performing with Cirque du Soleil to her journey to Los Angeles with songwriter and husband Ric'key Pageot, Di Lauro honed an act that's flush with elegant eclecticism, brassy energy, top hats, lace corsets and stilettos. Download her latest album, fittingly titled This is Neo-Ragtime, to set the mood before heading to Harvelle's for her vibrant, one-woman show.

Fri., Feb. 21, 9 p.m., 2014

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