Marcas Gallery's newest exhibition 'Descent' is a delightful showcase of finely detailed, macabre masterpieces rendered on wood, paper, canvas, and other materials. Elements of beauty and terror dance seductively within each frame, which feature such subject matter as melting eyes, skull vanitas, dark skies, cloaked figures and more in a show billed as inspired by dark surrealism. You'll feel inspired too, and perhaps haunted by some of these stunning works, created by artists Terry Ribera, Candace Jean, Jasmine Worth (who also curated the show), Maggie Ivy, Jeremy Hush (who features some of the finest illustrations ever made with a ballpoint pen), and more.

Sat., Oct. 3, 8 p.m.; Wednesdays-Sundays, noon. Starts: Oct. 3. Continues through Nov. 1, 2015

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