Dennis Rodman's Celebrity Rehab: Pouring and Downing Patron Shots on Newport Pen

Starz Uncut (“Where the fans tell the story”) has a question for NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman after a “drunk-infused night” with him at Fuji Yama on the Newport Beach Pen:

“What happened to Celebrity Rehab?”

The Worm, who appeared last year on season three of VH-1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, reportedly poured Patron shots for revelers–including himself–“all

“Dennis was having a grand old time pouring shots for everybody,” claims the uncredited correspondent. “It
was getting to the point where I had to throw in the towel on shots.
Dennis didn't slow down at all, the dude can drink like a champ!”

That Rodman dipped a toe into the waters of sobriety so recently did not
bother the raker of muck: “Shout out to Rodman, thanks brother you made
our night!!”

If the former forward was going to fall off the wagon, it should surprise no one he peninsula as the place to do it, given his post-NBA, booze-soaked history of drawing cops and headlines to his pad on the Pen's west end. He was once cited for drunken boating while pub crawling through Newport Harbor in a Duffy boat. And who can forget that helicopter landing on the public beach in front of his party house?

Ah, well, don't count The Worm out. No one rebounds like him.

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