Dennis Rodman and CHP Disagree Over His Involvement in Santa Ana Hit-and-Run

Dennis Rodman says there was no wreck, but the California Highway Patrol begs to differ,  recommending the Orange County District Attorney's office file felony hit-and-run charges against His Wormness for a July 20 collision on the 5 freeway in Santa Ana.

Early that morning, a luxury SUV was heading the wrong direction in the carpool lane, causing a BMW driver to swerve out of the way and into the divider.

Questioned by responding CHP officers, the BMW driver said the SUV driver appeared to be Dennis Rodman and that he got back into his ride and drove away after the wreck.

During an Atlantic City, New Jersey, book signing on Friday, Rodman denied he'd been involved in a hit-and-run.

“Life is good–that’s why I’ve never been charged,” the NBA Hall of Famer reportedly told The Associated Press. “Guess what? Nothing happened. There was no wreck, there was no injuries, there was no nothing, so I guess it’s going on hearsay.” 

In other accident news, Rodman explains below how he broke his penis three different times having sex over the years—and that there was blood each time.Take that, Wilt!

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