Denise Huskins Was No “Gone Girl,” According to Her Suit Against Cops

A 28-year-old woman who was released near her parent’s Huntington Beach home after being kidnapped from her residence in Vallejo last year is suing the Northern California city’s police force in federal court.

That is because Vallejo Police Department spokesman Lt. Kenny Park told reporters at a televised news conference on March 25, 2015, there was no validity to the claims of Denise Huskins’ boyfriend, who insisted she had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom. “[F]rom this point forward, I will not refer to them as a victim or a witness,” Park told the media.

Cops went on to feed fodder for a twisted “Gone Girl” scenario based on the book and movie that had a woman suddenly disappearing on purpose and allowing suspicion of foul play to be cast on her husband.

But the Vallejo PD’s stance was brought to its knees in June, when the FBI arrested Matthew Muller`for breaking into homes in Dublin, Palo Alto, Mountain View and, yes, Huskins’ in Vallejo.

The bureau said all those cases had similarities, and that Muller confessed in a jailhouse interview to masterminding the Huskins kidnapping. He has pleaded not guilty in court, however.

Vallejo Police investigators all along cast suspicion on Huskins’ boyfriend Aaron Quinn, who like his girlfriend was asleep when the break-in occurred. He later told police he had been drugged, bound and ordered not to move off the couch nor contact police lest Huskins endure harm. Quinn recovered from the drugs’ effect, freed himself and called police—only to be grilled for a crucial 18 hours investigators could have spent trying to save his girlfriend from a kidnapper, according to her suit.

During that time, Huskins says she was taken from Northern California to Southern California and sexually assaulted twice before being let go near her parents’ Surf City home. Besides not believing her, police gave false statements to her parents, contends her suit, which seeks financial damages for emotional distress and alleged false arrest, false imprisonment and false and defamatory statements made about her and her beau.

Police punted the request for a response to the city of Vallejo, which had none at this time.

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