Del Taco Launches Online Store To Sell Hot Sauce Packets

If it's true that everything you ever wanted or never knew you needed is on the Internet, it's also true that the Internet allows you to pay for stuff you usually get for free.

Del Taco, the OC-based taco corp that isn't Taco Bell, just announced that it has launched an online store where one can buy 150-count buckets of their hot sauce packets for $18.99. No, you heard that right. Not hot sauce bottles. Hot sauce packets. Those ubiquituous little tear-away satchels that anyone probably has a handful of at any one time. I currently possess about a half dozen inside the desk drawer of my office alone, and probably more at home in between the couch cushions, not to mention in random spots inside my car.

One thing that the website has allowed me to do, however, is to finally put a dollar value on the packets: $0.13 each.



But that's not all that the new offers. It also boasts garb with logos from the old days when Del Taco was known as Naugles.

See? You never knew you needed a Naugles baseball cap until now, did you?

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