Decapitated Rape Probe and Much, Much More Filth Alleged and Proven

A Costa Mesa man who had sex with a 4-year-old girl he is related to received the same prison sentence as defendants convicted of first-degree murder.

Members of a Polish death metal band were arrested in Santa Ana for the alleged gang-rape of a female fan.

A 30-year-old man was arrested for the alleged attempted murder and violent sexual assault of a 68-year-old woman found lying on a street in Garden Grove.

An Irvine high school’s football coach got a jail sentence after copping to trying to arrange sex with a 13-year-old girl who was actually an undercover cop.

Up in Long Beach, a convicted sex offender was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to trying to pay a 15-year-old girl $200 for sex. He, too, was actually duped by law enforcement.

Across the way in Lakewood, a high school teacher and faculty advisor for the campus Gay Straight Alliance has been charged with having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female student.

Ricardo Interiano-Rivas, 50, of Costa Mesa, was sentenced last week to 25 years to life in state prison for having sexual intercourse and committing lewd acts with his little-girl relative. A teenage relative called police after catching Interiano-Rivas engaged in the sexual acts with the 4-year-old on July 20, 2015. DNA and medical evidence linked him to the assault. The girl, who is now 6, testified for Orange County Deputy District Attorney Bobby Taghavi of the Sexual Assault Unit during the trial. Interiano-Rivase was found guilty by a jury on June 29 of felony sexual intercourse with a child younger than 10 years old, two counts of lewd acts upon a child under 14 and a sentencing enhancement allegation for substantial sexual contact with a child. Besides serving the long prison stretch, Interiano-Rivas must register as a sex offender for life.

Michal Mikolaj Lysejko, 27; Waclaw Jan Kieltyka, 35; Rafal Tomasz Piotrowski, 31; and Hubert Edward Wiecek, 30, were arrested around 2 a.m. on Sept. 9, which was shortly after their band Decapitated left the stage of the Observatory in Santa Ana as part of their “Double Homicide” tour. An unidentified woman alleged to police that she entered the band’s tour bus for drinks after a Sept. 1 concert in downtown Spokane, Washington, but was kidnapped and gang-raped by the musicians in the vehicle’s restroom. She claimed each band member forced himself on her, reports the Spokane Spokesman-Review. Police in Spokane asked their counterparts in Los Angeles to investigate, and it was LAPD officers who arrested the band members in Santa Ana and booked them into LA County’s jail. The band’s attorney later released a statement saying, “Decapitated plan to fully fight the allegations that have been brought against them and are confident that their side of the story will be heard.”

Michael A. Varela, 30, of Garden Grove, was arrested Sept. 10 on suspicion of attempted murder and attempted sexual assault. Garden Grove police were called because a 68-year-old woman was down and injured on the street in the 13400 block of Balos Drive around 5:15 that same morning. The preliminary investigation revealed she had been the victim of a violent assault, and she was rushed to a hospital, according to Sgt. Ray Bex of the GGPD Detective Bureau. At last word the victim was listed in critical condition. Varela, who was at the scene, was arrested and subsequently booked into Orange County Jail, Bex says.

Jeremy Osso, a 39-year-old defensive coordinator for University High School’s varsity football team and an instructional assistant at Irvine High School, was sentenced Wednesday to 270 days in San Diego County Jail. He was arrested in June after communicating online with a San Diego detective from the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force who was posing as a 13-year-old girl. Osso pleaded guilty this month to having done that while he also copped last month to a felony count of sending harmful matter with the intention of seducing a minor. An additional criminal charge tied to allegations of attempting to solicit child pornography was dropped. The San Diego County District Attorney’s office says that in addition to jail time, Osso must serve three years of probation and register as a sex offender for life. So you can kiss goodbye his school coaching and teaching career. The Irvine Unified School District confirms Osso is in the process of being fired.

Victor James Sporman, 47, of Long Beach, was sentenced in Santa Ana federal court Sept. 11 to a decade behind bars by U.S. District Judge James V. Selna. Once Sporman completes the prison sentence, he will be on supervised release for the rest of his life. He got caught up in an undercover operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigation special agents. Their anti-sex trafficking operation in Long Beach included posting an advertisement on craigslist aimed at attracting overage sickos seeking sex with underage minors. Oct. 26, 2016, Sporman responded to the ad via email and went on to exchange text messages with who he thought was a 15-year-old girl but was actually an undercover agent posing as one. Sporman agreed to pay the “girl” $200 to engage in sex with him, and to drive home the message he repeatedly texted photos of himself and the money. That led to the arrangement of a date, but when Sporman arrived he did not find a girl nor even Chris Hansen and warm cookies but feds ready to bust him. He had on him about $200 and two condoms. Here’s the kicker: Sporman was popped for nearly identical conduct in 2008, when he was caught in an undercover sting where a law enforcement officer posed as a 13-year-old girl. So the positive takeaways here are Sporman is: quite the dreamer; moving on to older potential dates; and, given the two condoms, vastly overconfident about the sexual performance of a 47-year-old penis.

Mary Jahn, 52, of Lakewood, was charged with having an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of her Lakewood High School female students over the span of three years, Los Angeles County prosecutors announced on Thursday. Jahn, who taught English and advised the school’s Gay Straight Alliance club, allegedly had a sexual relationship that began with the then-15-year-old girl girl in July 2008 and reportedly continued through July 2011, according to Deputy District Attorney Troy Davis. Now an adult, the alleged victim contacted the Long Beach Police Department, whose officers arrested Jahn on Thursday. She was later charged with nine felony counts, including four of sexual penetration by foreign object, three of lewd acts upon a child and two of oral copulation of a person under 18. A conviction could send Jahn to state prison for eight years and four months, and she could be required to register as a lifetime sex offender. Jahn was quoted in a May 2012 Long Beach Press-Telegram story applauding President Obama’s decision to legalize gay marriage. “I am lucky that myself and my wife are one of 10,000 legally married California citizens, but I want federal recognition for all,” she reportedly told staff writer Phillip Zonkel. “… I want to be able to tell my GSA students that they can have the same life as everyone else.” At that time, Zonkel reported, Jahn had a then-49-year-old wife named Vicki and two young daughters. As for Lakewood High, you may recall it became notorious in 1993 for being home to the Spur Posse, a club where boys claimed points for the number of girls they slept with.

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