Decades Collide: 80s v 90s

We weren’t all lucky enough to live through the greatest period on planet Earth. But for one night only, you can pretend you were there. Crimp your hair and grab your Tamagotchi because we’re about to mix two of the greatest decades together for a night of pure magic. Decades Collide at House of Blues Anaheim combines perhaps two of the greatest periods of human history into one amazing jam fest featuring performances by DJ Biz Markie, Past Action Heros and Hit Me ‘90s. It’s basically Grunge and Gangsta Rap united with Synthpop and New Wave. The Brat Pack conjoined with Friends. Shoulder pads mingled with shutter shades. Awesomeness with a side of Cowabunga. Be there or live a life full of regret.

Fri., April 1, 8 p.m., 2016
(Expired: 04/01/16)

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