Dear Santa: Please Get My Congressman to Vote for Reclassifying Marijuana

All Jacqueline Patterson wants for Christmas is for you to sign her petition aimed at getting the federal government to finally reclassify marijuana, which is currently a Schedule 1 drug that the Drug Enforcement Agency considers of no medical value and as dangerous as heroin.


Classifying pot a Schedule 1 “doesn't make sense to me,” Patterson writes in an email.


“I suffer from cerebral palsy that causes muscle and speech spasms that make me stutter severely,” says the Bolinas resident. “Without medical marijuana I can barely speak. I know it works and that it lets me be the best mother possible to my children.”

Click here to sign her petition, and Patterson vows to forward it to your Member of Congress.

That congressman or congressman will be asked to support the States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, which would move marijuana from a Schedule I drug, which cannot be prescribed, to one between Schedule III and V, recognizing its medical value.

By the way, did you know a ripping bug on a stem makes a great substitute for mistletoe?

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