DEA Gets Raid-Happy In So Cal

According to both the LA Times and our sister paper LA Weekly, the DEA raided three pot shops and ordered several dozen other marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles to close yesterday. The three raids took place downtown, and in Silverlake and Boyle Heights, but landlords and club operators of 67 other clubs around the city received letters warning them with criminal action if they didn't shut down immediately.The feds began asset forfeiture proceedings against three Eagle Rock clubs. (Now where will all the sick kids at Occidental College get their meds, I wonder?)

Apparently the DEA wasn't too impressed with the fact that activists have gathered enough signatures to allow city voters to decide whether to overturn LA's ban on cannabis collectives that include more than three people. In fact, the raids should come as no surprise, since it was just last week when LA's city attorney promised that the crackdown would continue, signatures be damned.


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Meanwhile, just as news of the LA raids began to spread yesterday afternoon, so did an unconfirmed report of the DEA hitting a marijuana dispensary in Anaheim. “Chubbs at BBC (Beach Ball Club) also owner of CPA [California Patients Assocation] in Santa Ana is reporting the place across the street from them just got tore up bad by the DEA,” warned one commenter on the OCNORML discussion board. “They are saying DEA is raiding today in Anaheim. Heads up!!”
The Weekly wasn't able to confirm which club was supposedly hit by the DEA yesterday, but it wouldn't be a shock if the report were true, since the feds warned all the city's clubs to shut down just two months ago. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.
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