De Lux

You couldn’t exactly say the just-out Generation is the heaviest record yet from L.A.’s introspecto-disco duo De Lux—they’re still all about those lighter-than-air synthesizer sounds, not cranked-up heavy metal guitar—but there are still new levels of personal revelation and perception on display here, thanks to some fortuitous discoveries in the used-records bins (like the fearless Karen Finley!) and an inevitable collision between brutally new digital living and old-fashioned growing up. There’s still plenty of their characteristic analog-obscuro dancefloor experimentation here, like the jittery “Center of LUB” and the cosmic Moroder-invoker “It’s A Combination,” but check out fascinating downers like “Conditions,” “When Your Life Feels Like A Loss” and the secretly stark closer “Someday Now” to experience anxiety reshaped as poetry.

Wed., June 24, 7 p.m., 2015

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