Daycare for Political Hacks

They say that children are our future, but just in case they're wrong, Orange County is investing heavily in political hacks. In his “Golden State” column today, LA Times business columnist Michael Hiltzik takes a look at OC's First5 commission, which is charged with spending the money from the tobacco surcharge imposed by 1998's Proposition 10. The surcharge pumps about $40 million into OC each year, and the money is meant to be spent on health, welfare, and educational services for children 5 and under. But some of the money, it turns out, is being used for the health and welfare of well-connected political operatives. Whether or not that's educational remains to be seen.

As an added bonus, the story of where the money's going involves an old favorite of The Blotter, someone with whom Hiltzik is very well acquainted.

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