David Michael Lee, Renowned OC Artist, Now Has a Sandwich Blog

Crazy-but-true story: more than a decade ago, my best friend and I took a television course at Orange Coast College. One of our classmates was this funny-ass gabacho, whom we eventually teamed up with on a many projects, best one involving a PSA with a fat guy who died from eating so much. This white guy was so funny, my best friend and I would talk about him years after the fact, wondering where he went.

Flash-forward to 2006, when I'm drunk at Memphis, and my girl introduces me to one David Michael Lee. I knew of his artwork, but fuck if it didn't turn out that David was my much-lionized gabacho from so long ago–and now, he was famous! We quickly struck up a friendship, and have been pals ever since.

David is an art professor and currently in charge of the gallery at Coastline Community College, but he's also secretly a foodie: his father was a master gardener (as his mom), and David can cook up a parrillada as well as any Argie. And now, he has a blog devoted exclusively to sandwiches.

Eat This Sandwich is a straightforward thing, more Tumblr than honest-to-goodness blog, but still: David knows his local  sandwiches. He's tried the pambazos at Taqueria La Poblanita, Memphis' Cobra, even the Lil' Pickle. With luscious pictures, David's blog is a welcome addition to the anemic world of OC food blogging–now, who the hell is going to start a quesadilla blog???

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