David Lloyd Cass, Orange County Sheriff's Deputy, Allegedly Took Bribes From Inmate

Aspiring Orange County sheriff's deputies intimidated by the requirement that they start their careers working as jail guards, take heed, it's not so bad. At least it wasn't for Deputy David Lloyd Class of Glendora–until he was caught. The 38-year-old deputy is currently facing two felony counts of bribery after allegedly accepting hockey tickets and gift certificates from a murderer inmate and the inmate's wife. 


According to a press release issued this morning by the Orange County District Attorney, Cass, a four year veteran of the department, developed a relationship with inmate Stephenson Choi Kim, a convicted murderer sentenced to life in April of 2012.  

Kim was allowed by Cass to meet with his wife Ha Ngyuen (without properly being searched) in a room used by inmates to meet with attorneys. The lovebirds reportedly spent hours together in the room having sex. In addition, Ngyuen gave Kim contraband to be smuggled into the jail including food, razors, marijuana, a cell phone and prescription meds. 

In exchange for the special treatment Kim and Ngyuen showered Deputy Cass with gifts, including four tickets to a Los Angeles Kings game, and gift certificates to Burke Williams Spa. But perhaps most enticing to the disgraced deputy was the offers of special VIP treatment at cafes in Garden Grove and Westminster. (Mmmmm avocado milk shakes.)
But the love triangle wasn't meant to last. After deputies conducted a jail search in December of 2011, they located a cell phone and marijuana in Kim's jail cell. Investigators then began looking at how the contraband was brought in, and began listening to phone calls going in and out of the jail, all of which, as it happens, are recorded. 
“Thousands of hours of phone conversations were recorded between Kim and Ngyuen in which details of the crimes were discussed,” the DA's press release claims.
Kim, who was sentenced to life without parole, is not currently being charged in this crime. 
According to online court records, Ha is charged with sending useful aid to escape from jail or prison as well as several street gang enhancement. If convicted, Deputy Cass faces a maximum punishment of four years and eight months in prison. He's currently being held on $1 million bail and will be arraigned tomorrow.
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