Dave to “Pop Up” (Sort Of) at Picnics Kitchen This Sunday, Sept. 16

For all you people who tell me I should open a restaurant, well, this is as close as I ever intend on coming. Raya Belna is out of town this weekend, so I'm taking part in the Meatening at Picnics Kitchen–a multi-course, Italian-style Sunday supper that will feature meat done East Coast style.

Yes, you can come and see whether I'm actually a good cook or whether I'm just a gifted photographer. (Wait, you've seen the awful shots I post here. Scratch that.)


We'll be serving homemade pasta, “red gravy” with braciole and homemade fennel sausage, saumon en papillote,
heirloom tomato salad, green beans amandine, and of course
dessert–bacon goodies courtesy of the Sticky Pig. Seats in the dining
room are $35; seats at the kitchen table are $40. Wine should be
available for purchase, or you can bring your own for a nominal corkage
(sorry, don't know what it is offhand).

There are exactly 32
seats available, and exactly one seating. Doors open at 5, dinner will
probably be around 6. Reserve your spot at anaisandraya.com. On your marks… get set… as Gustavo would say, GO GO GO!

Picnics Kitchen is located at 435 E. 17th St. #7, Costa Mesa; (949) 478-4857; anaisandraya.com.

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