Dave Mau Appears on John and Ken Show to Talk About Ridiculous CA Law Requiring Bartenders to Wear Gloves!

When our columnist Dave Mau told me he had been invited to appear on KFI-AM 640's John and Ken Show, I congratulated him–and then told him not to mention my name. See, the show don't like me because I constantly call the two out on their anti-Mexican bigotry…but they sure as hell like OC Weekly in general, always giving shout-outs to our coverage of various matters 'cause everyone except me kicks ass. And I sure as hell didn't want me ruining Dave's fun.

Thankfully, that didn't happen yesterday at the 6 p.m. hour. JohnKen interviewed Dave about his recent column ridiculing California's new law that requires bartenders and chefs alike to wear latex gloves.


Great job by Dave, who should appear on radio more often. The full audio is here, at the beginning of this clip. Enjoy!

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