Dave Davies

The Kinks’ Dave Davies came up with one of the greatest sounds for one of the greatest riffs ever—and had song after secret song stuck on b-sides that still add up to the greatest Kinks album you’ve never heard. (Luckily, they got a CD reissue in 2011.) And now with his new album I Will Be Me, Dave is getting intensely real. Guest musicians include the cosmically bleaked-out Dead Meadow and Mohawk punkers Anti-Flag, which is as unexpected as, say, Van Morrison calling up the Black Lips and King Tuff. And his guitar, his voice, and his choice of song topics are all as raw as it gets. This record is all riffs, and his “Erotic Neurotic” sounds way closer to the Saints song than you’d expect. Still got it, you ask? We dunno—he might have got something else altogether!

Fri., June 7, 8 p.m., 2013

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