Dave Attell’s X-Rated Comedy Finds a Perfect Home in Irvine’s Kid-Friendly Mall

We’ve been extremely lucky to get some of the greatest comedic names in the industry to give O.C. a visit over the years. Some of said “greatest comedic names” have been extra loyal to us with repeat visits. Like Dave Attell. And we like that—and him—a lot. As it would turn out, there is a reason for his loyalty. He’s a big fan of Irvine. Before his upcoming shows at the Irvine Improv this Friday and Saturday (2/26 & 2/27), we were pleased to find out just how much he likes it. Spoiler alert: It’s bunches.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Beautiful Irvine. You feeling good? Getting pumped?

Dave Attell: I’m always excited because I like the town and the crowds are good. It’s the room that’s intimidating because it’s, you know, like 500 seats. I don’t know if I can fill it but I’m sure that the people who’ll be there will have a great time.

I think you can fill it. You can also tape your set there too because they have a great system.

Oh OK. Yeah, there’s nothing better than an old man taping a set in a half full room. [Laughs.]

I’m sure they know how to use the zoom but again, you’ll be fine. Irvine loves you so I’m sure they’ll come out in droves.

In LA it’s a scene but in Irvine, they really come out for the laughs and I like that. No one is afraid to laugh out there. My crowds are good because they drink hard and they get the jokes. So yeah, I’m excited.

I’m excited for you. Let me switch gears really quick, do you feel like you got robbed on a nominee for Trainwreck?

[Laughs.] I told Amy she should put more spaceships in the movie because I think The Martian was the one that won, right?

I think so. I have no idea to be honest. I just know I was happy to see your mug in the movie.

It was so much fun to do Trainwreck and I think Amy is the best of the best on and off the stage. And Judd Apatow is like, a genius. It’s really cool when you work with funny people who just get it. With my acting experience, it’s touch and go so I would say that the fact of people saw it and also enjoyed it, I can’t be any happier.

You’re so diplomatic. In Trainwreck  2  you should get more shine in my opinion. Anyway, back to Irvine. Who’s doing the show with you?

I’m working with Nicole and Louis. It’s going to be a good show and as always, I’m the old hand. Nicole Aimée Schreiber is from “Funny Girls” and then Louis Katz. It’s going to be great, a lot strong comedy. Very adult. In Irvine you’re up against the multiplex and the merry-go-round. The two M’s. We’ll see how it goes.

Yes, there is a lot of competition in the ol’ Irvine Spectrum. Now that you finally have an iPhone though, you’ll fit in just fine. 

I’m into it, this iPhone. It’s OK. I like to rock a flip phone as well so we can go back in time whenever you’re ready. The iPhone is where it’s at though. More apps!

You nailed it. That’s what the world needs, more apps and more Attell. I got the app part down but how can we see more of you?

Right now I’m just on the road a lot and hitting some of my favorite clubs. I’m excited to be back in Irvine so for those who always come out, you know the deal. It’s a blue show and an adult show. It’s not for kids even though it’s in a kid friendly mall.

Dave Attell is at the Irvine Improv for two days only this February 26th and 27th, 31 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 854-5455. Hurry and get your tickets now by going to www.Improv.com. For more info, go to his website www.DaveAttell.com, check out his special Road Work, and be sure to follow him on Twitter @Attell.

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