Darren Moore, UC Irvine Basketball Guard, Inks Whatever a Spider Can

Some are calling them the BEST . . . TATS . . . EVER!

Certainly the producers of the new Spider-Man musical must love the free pub.

To fully appreciate UC Irvine basketball guard Darren Moore's ink job, check the next page.

College Hoops Journal editor
Matt Norlander has the scoop on and Scott Roeder's photography blog has the shots of the 6-3 senior guard's body art.

Moore, it turns out, has been a huge fan of Marvel's Spider-Man comics since he was young, about as long as he has been into art and specifically drawing. He first got the idea for what is now on his chest and abdomen in 2007.

“When the Spider-Man 3 movie came out, I loved he loved the costume,” Moore tells Norlander of Venom's all-black look. “I decided, you know what, I'm going to draw it up and send it to the tattoo artist, which was right down the street from me … on the Chino-Montclair border.”

What you can't see are other characters on his side, like Venom and Carnageon. But neither is the nickname Anteaters and the Bren Events Center public address announcer have come up with for Moore.

He's Spider-Man, of course.

“When I'm playing sometimes, I hear a lot of people yell it out,” he reportedly said. “When we had Midnight Magic, there were a lot of students who approached me and asked, 'What's up, Spidey?' It amazes me so many people have responded to it.”

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