Danzig Talks About His Storied Tradition of Haunting OC

Danzig (Credit: Paul Brown)

Glenn Danzig a true living legend,  in the worlds of punk rock and heavy metal music. Since co-founding the Misfits in the late ’70s, the singer, songwriter, lyricist  and musician has produced some of the most influential dark music. The horror punk iconic crafted by the Misfits gave way to the  doomy death rock of Samhain, and later his eponymous solo band. Throughout the decades, Danzig’s musical career has left its mark on literally everyone from Metallica to AFI.  This year marks the 30 year anniversary of the landmark debut album from Danzig that set the tone for all his future releases, becoming a cult classic release. Glenn took time to talk to the Weekly just before a post-Halloween bash in Irvine at the FivePoint Amphitheatre on November 3, with The Damned, Venom, and many more. Danzig spoke of his connections to OC punk bands in the early ’80s, the younger fan base, and why he has always shown love for OC  throughout his career of playing shows.

OC Weekly(Alex Distefano): Were you ever into the OC  hardcore punk scene or any of those bands from the 1980s?

Glenn Danzig: Well yes, but it depends on the band. I like a lot of punk, but from the LA and OC area, there were so many out there tons of bands, from FEAR,  and The Germs in LA to Black Flag and others of course in Orange County, like TSOL but there were just so many. Actually, the first time the Misfits ever played in California, was in Costa Mesa and a band called Circle One opened. Those were fun times.

Do you find that your music is seeing a younger fan base and appealing to a younger crowd?

One of the things is that I find is that there are lots of younger people getting into it.  So it definitely goes between generations. I see families and the parents and the kids are into Danzig, the Misfits, Samhain, and this music. I  think it’s really cool. For me, though I wanted to create music that I knew would be timeless, songs that sound good and people are still listening to over 20 years later.

Throughout your musical career,  Orange County has had a special place to you, why?

 I am not really sure why but it has always been that way. With all my Misfits and Danzig we would always play in Orange County and have done so over the years. I remember one early show at some fancy theater in Orange County somewhere way back in the day, and this place just got destroyed. It was really wrecked, we had a lot of fun but it was so insane

Of course, the  1992 show at Irvine Meadows was fantastic, we came back again in 1994 and have played there many times since, including a special one in 2012, and every time we love it. Orange County is a special place for us, and lots of our fans love the shows we have played there. Sometimes we will even skip an LA on a run, and we will play Orange County.

Do you take time to keep up to date with current events and the state of the world?

All I will say is that I  just think that its ridiculous with this farce in our government.,  it’s a fucked up situation in politics. But the media won’t show or tell us who really owns and runs the world, the real hidden hand of those in power. They have all the control and what you see read or here, and the politicians, they are all just puppets. It’svall bought and paid and it’s all about control. I think people need to wake up, turn off the tv, and think for themselves and not be mindless robots. Don’t accept something just on its face value dont let the system enslave your mind and don’t give up any of your rights.

Why do you love Halloween and this season of the year?

It’s just always been this way I just love the season, this part of the year has always been my favorite and I love the holiday. Plus, this time of the year for me  has always been time for my bands to play shows. I am really looking forward to the line up of different bands, in Irvine on November 3, from black metal to punk, I am proud of this one it’s going to go off, we can’t wait to play Irvine again.

Danzig 30 Year Anniversary Halloween Hell Bash at FivePoint Amphitheatre, Sat. Nov. 3, 5:45 p.m., $19-$66. For tickets, click here. 

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    1. No this is not in the physical paper, only the blog, and I read your comments. I am the author, and I assure you what you read about Danzig talking about the Rothchilds, came from a Rolling Stone article last year: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/glenn-danzig-on-dark-new-lp-misfits-plans-why-he-hates-recent-presidents-120225/

      So PLEASE don’t take what these idiots and trolls at face value do your own research. As for this article, Danzig neither said anything in support of, in defense or or against Trump. The Rothschilds, or any other conspiracy or anti-semetic BULLSHIT ever came up with this interview, and I stand by my quotes, screw all the shit talkers. I hope this clears this up.

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