Danny Godinez, Owner of Anepalco's Cafe, to Open El Mercado in Downtown Santa Ana Next Year!

Finally, I can reveal what I've known almost all year: Danny Godinez, the genius behind Anepalco's Cafe (our choice for best restaurant this year in our Best Of issue) is opening a third restaurant. This one will be called El Mercado, and it'll open in downtown SanTana, in the building complex that also hosts the 24-hour party known as The Yost.



Danny made the announcement on the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Anepalco's Cafe on Tuesday, being cagey as always. I won't say TOO much more (even though I know it all) except there will be a full liquor license (pending approval, of course) and this description: “El Mercado is a full service restaurant, with a modern approach to our classic regional Mexican cuisine.”

Facebook page for El Mercado is here, and expected opening is late spring 2014. Can't wait!

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