Daniel Shemtob Chats About The Lime Truck's Semi-Permanent Home in Costa Mesa

During The Great Food Truck Race premiere party last Sunday night with The Lime Truck and Seabirds at the OC Mart Mix in Costa Mesa (3303 Hyland Ave.), I noticed that there was a bar area set up inside with indoor seating and a wall of blackboards with “The Lime Truck” scribbled in gigantic letters.

Curious, I e-mailed The Lime Truck's Daniel Shemtob about it, and while I had him, I threw in a question about The Great Food Truck Race.


So on Sunday night at your Great Food Truck Race premiere party, I saw
what appeared to be a permanent indoor bar and service area for The Lime
Truck, could you tell us more about it?

Daniel Shemtob:
It's a revolving kitchen and our current home. It's a basically a
restaurant but our truck acts as the kitchen. You can order from the
truck and sit inside and watch TV at the bar or sit down for a nice meal at
one of the tables. We also hear a constant complaint from our customers
that our food is so good you want to sit down and eat it, well…here
you go. We are also there 6 days a week all day from 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. so
its easy to find us and eat at anytime.


You guys were doing a prix fixe menu that night of the viewing. What
are you planning to serve for the rest of the Sunday viewing parties for
the season? And for the time that you'll be there Tuesday through

DS: We are
going to be running constant new specials that is exclusive to that
location. As far as course tastings, that was a one time special thing.
You have to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out about other upcoming events like that.

OCW: Will this be permanent fixture there after the show concludes?

DS: We are letting the fans decide, if it's a successful venture, we will keep it.

OCW: Who'll be cooking at the truck that will be parked in front OC Mart Mix?

DS: Combination of all my great chefs led by Jesse Brockman.


OCW: How is Jason Quinn dividing his time between The Lime Truck and his Playground project?

He does some consulting for us, but it's been a while since he's been
full-time, other than a few special events. He also walks on to the
trucks a few times a week and helps out. He still loves the truck and in
his free time is involved.

OCW: On that note, let's go back to beginning. How and where did you and Jason meet?

I've known Jason for about 9 years. We meet while he worked at
Starbucks. Since then we've kept in touch and when I presented the idea
to him to just create a menu, he got excited wanted to partner up and
the rest is history.

OCW: How about Jesse?

I've also known Jesse for about 4 years, we were friends. Then he ended
up doing private catering for my friends house, and when I started The
Lime Truck I contacted him to come on board.

What can you say about the Vegas challenge that won't get you in
trouble with the Food Network overlords? Anything that the cameras
didn't pick up? Especially during the off hours in Vegas?

DS: We had a lot of fun in Vegas, Jesse happened to turn 21 while we were there–pretty neat coincidence!

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