Dancing with the Stars—Live!

Admit it— you couldn't pass up an opportunity to catch celebrities past their glory compete in the ultimate television dancing competition. The question is, which celebrity were you rooting for the most: Jerry Springer? Chaz Bono? or how about Bill Nye? While untrained public figures stalking up the dance floor alongside actual trained dancers certainly made for interesting TV, maybe for once it would be more enjoyable to see their trained partners perform on their own. Luckily for us, a live engagement at Segerstrom Center brings the light-on-their-feet talents to the stage reliving some of the most memorable dance numbers from the show as well as new choreography. All of the exciting leaps, splits, pirouettes and spins that normal human beings can't pull off will be exhibited by these pros. Now, what's more dazzling than that?

Wed., July 15, 7:30 p.m., 2015

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