Dana Rohrbacher Gets His Judy Garland on for Valentine’s Day [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

For this week’s Orange Feathers, artist Leslie Agan went DEEP into the Hollywood archives to ridicule Dana Rohrbacher’s eternal crush on Donald Trump. Take it, Leslie!

Just as Judy Garland sang, “You Made Me Love You” to a smiling portrait of Clark Gable in The Broadway Melody of 1938, Dana Rohbacher has his very own, mushy, lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day ready for Trump in 2017.

OH MY GOD. Here’s the clip of the future Queen of Fire Island singing to Gable, whom infamously got George Cukor kicked off Gone with the Wind┬ábecause The Great One once gave a blowjob to a pal of the closeted director.

HAHAHAHAHA. Stay fabulous, Dana! Oh, and #fucktrump

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