Dana Rohrabacher’s Sporadic Bong Hit Libertarianism Doesn’t Extend To Marriage Equality

Dana Rohrabacher–Orange County’s senior, career politician–is engaging in a Twitter dialogue about marriage equality with Brian O’Leary Bennett, a conservative Republican, public relations expert and gay activist who once served as chief of staff for Congressman Robert K. Dornan (R-Garden Grove).

Bennett launched the discussion by applauding Rohrabacher–whose stances often abruptly shift between Phyllis-Schlafly-cold-war-conservatism and bong-hit-libertarianism–for opposing federal government intervention into state and local stances on medical marijuana distribution.

The former Southern California Edison spokesman then asked the congressman to “B consistent” and “B fair” when it comes to supporting gay marriage.

But Rohrabacher, who has always been barely one bus stop ahead of his own scandalous past, declined to accept the comparison.

The Costa Mesa Republican, who first ran for Congress in 1988 on a now laughable term limits platform, claims he backs civil union contracts only for gay and lesbian couples.

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