Dana Rohrabacher's Hyprocrisy Extends to His Shameless Press Flack

As always, overly confident political mouthpiece Tara Setmayer likes to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and defend the indefensible . . . and, of course, gets an unquestioning forum on Fox News.

That's good for her because she is the Washington, D.C. press secretary for Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, an angry hawk nowadays after successfully avoiding military service during the Vietnam War when he was available to don a uniform and hold a loaded M16 in an inhospitable jungle.
Like her boss, Setmayer doesn't mind repeatedly running face first into the hypocrisy wall.


Today, on Fox with Neil Cavuto, Setmayer spewed her usual right wing trash by blasting unemployed people for seeking government assistance.
“The World War Two generation is frowning upon us,” she said. “This is not the America they fought and died for in World War Two. I mean what are we doing here? The sense of entitlement is borderline un-American. It is not the government's job to take care of people.”
Really, Tara?
Is that the philosophy of your margarita-guzzling, wide-eyed boss?
Well, no.
Tara–who receives about $100,000 in taxpayer funds each year to dribble for Dana–might be too busy to notice events as she prepares for her inadvertently, hilariously empty Fox appearances. But the very week that she's arrogantly bitching about jobless Americans seeking help to live, Rohrabacher was shamelessly advocating for the federal government to continue to spend billions of dollars on the production of the C-17 aircraft.
Never mind that the Pentagon, the experts on warfare, have said for years that they already have more than enough of the plane.
Rohrabacher, whose congressional district includes the military industrial complex firm that builds the C-17, ignores the Pentagon–a place loaded with men and women unafraid to serve in combat roles–to argue that, at least for these workers, unnecessarily expensive government spending is appropriate.

​Oblivious, Tara accidentally uttered a true statement on Fox, even if she meant it against struggling Americans.
“We've created a nanny state,” she told Cavuto, “that is to the point that it is ridiculous . . . More government is not the answer.”
Unless, apparently, the employees belong to government defense contractors in Rohrabacher's congressional district.
“This is not what America was built on,” she said. “The attitude that we have now where extending, the giving, giving, giving and spending government money–where do people think the government's money comes from? It comes from the hard working people of America.” 
“You've hit the head on the nail,” Cavuto said. “It must be really tough for you and other Republicans because you always come off as, well, you're really hard headed and hard hearted and I certainly understand what you are saying. But do you ever fear that it looks like it's 'no' to Republicans helping?”

​”No!” Tara said. “We always get in trouble because we are pragmatists. You know the Democrats trump us because they are always feeling and they are better at making people think they understand what's happening. But that's not true at all as far as Republicans are concerned. We understand this. What we want to do is to create an environment for people so that they can do it for themselves. They're not dependent on the government. We believe in individual liberty. We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship in America.”
You, Tara, like your boss, are full of crap.
–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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