Dana Rohrabacher went in drag to solve already solved RFK assassination?

While the nation struggles with two wars, financial disasters, devastating hurricanes, regular political sex and ethics scandals, ridiculously priced gas and global warming, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) has been busy attempting to solve the already solved 1968 assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

According to a September 25, 2008, Pasadena Weekly article by Carl Kozlowski, Rohrabacher believes that Los Angeles police have for 40 years hidden the fact that Sirhan Sirhan, the lone man convicted of shooting Kennedy, worked as part of a “real conspiracy” of Arabs.

Why? Well, Rohrabacher–a rabid right-wing Republican who has bragged to me and other reporters about his, uh, longtime personal ties to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)–claims he was in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles for a party at the same time Kennedy was murdered in the kitchen.

Ponder that admission for a moment and then consider the congressman's incredible tale.

“While I was walking into that party, somebody ran past me and bounced
off me,” he told Kozlowski. “The guy was wrestled to the floor in front
on me by either security guards of police and he was hauled out right in
front of me . . . The guy looked exactly like Sirhan Sirhan, a young
Arab-looking guy. Was the guy I saw Sirhan or somebody else? Either way,
that's a big deal because nowhere does it ever mention another Arab
being there that night, nor does it mention that he was under police

In early 2007–39 years after the killing and right around the time
that he blamed global warming on dinosaur flatulence, Rohrabacher
decided to solve his murder mystery for “the Kennedy family.”

Anyone familiar with Rohrabacher knows this story is now headed for unadulterated, wacky bliss.

At some point, Sirhan sent Summer Reese, one of his lawyers, a letter telling her that “a Diana was coming to see him.”

Reese told Kozlowski, “Sirhan didn't know it was the congressman because his visitor was presented as a woman.”

Rohrabacher. Undercover. In drag. Using the name Diana?

Perhaps this sheds light on why ex-Congressman Bob Dornan (R-Garden Grove) liked to call Rohrabacher “a fruitcake.”

What were you doing at Corcoran State Prison in California, Diana/Dana?

“I went to see [Sirhan] specifically because I believe he didn't act
alone and that the full story of Bobby Kennedy's assassination has not
been known,” he said. “I would like Sirhan Sirhan to finally, at long
last, level with the Kennedy family and the American people, whether to
clear his soul as part of his Christian beliefs or try to set the record

Reese told the Pasadena Weekly that once the congressman got
face to face with Sirhan (was it for the–cue eerie organ music
here–second time?), Rohrabacher “repeatedly badgered him to admit he
did the killing.”

But Diana/Dana, why did you need him to admit to a crime he'd been convicted of four decades ago?

An answer might be found in this fact: In the 1990s, Rohrabacher was the lone congressman to shill for the Taliban, claiming that the “liberal media” had unfairly portrayed the group as anti-woman and uncivilized while they harbored Osama bin Laden and the men in Afghanistan who plotted the 9-11 attacks.

— R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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