Dana Rohrabacher to Feds: Stop Prosecuting Medicinal Marijuana Cases

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Once Employed A Pedophile) is all sorts of wrong, but about the only thing he's ever gotten right is his support for medicinal marijuana, which unfortunately leads to blowjob coverage by the national media. That's what's happening right now, as Rohrabacher, along with his congressional colleague Sam Farr (D-Santa Cruz), have written an open letter to the Department of Justice asking that Attorney General Eric Holder not prosecute medicinal marijuana patients or dispensaries.


“We respectfully insist that you bring your Department back into compliance with federal law by ceasing marijuana prosecutions and forfeiture actions against those acting in accordance with state medical marijuana laws,” the two wrote, per the Huffington Post.

What do they say about a blind pig? That they're cleaner than Dana Rohrabacher? Yep. Anyhoo, Loretta Sanchez: time to step up your ganga game…

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