Dana Rohrabacher Proves Again His Consistency Is Inconsistency

With Dana Rohrabacher’s margarita-fueled Kookville Express making numerous, pre-election train stops, it’s time to update the latest news for Orange County’s senior, career politician who is seeking his 27th and 28th years in Congress after originally running in 1988 on a term limits pledge of serving no more than six years.

On Twitter, Rohrabacher has been lecturing critics for labeling him a nut and fruitcake by advising them of his imaginary, above-the-fray policy: “Attack policies, not people.”

The Costa Mesa Republican–who skipped all military service during the Vietnam War era but became a chickhawk in his post-draft years–then went on to make the following comments to people on social media: “It certainly didn’t take any brains to say that;” “Who did you say elected you?;” “That’s a stupid line of attack;” “You betray your fellow veterans by partisan BS;” and, my favorite, “Take note of this grotesque monster posing as a human being residing among us.”

On May 12, Rohrabacher put on a Rorschach-test button-down shirt and, though temperatures in Orange County were heading for 100 degrees, added a jacket to complete his senior citizen’s ensemble for a campaign stop at a local company.

(Old, cranky people get cold easily.)

A Daily Pilot reporter treated the congressman’s visit to the manufacturing operation with the seriousness of a heart attack, quoting Rohrabacher–who has lived at taxpayer’s expense since 1981–four times making highly reflective, important comments worthy of history books.

I’m glad to see anything that’s manufacturing in my district, especially cutting-edge technology manufacturing,” he uttered.

The following day, Rohrabacher was quoted in another daily newspaper making a statement that must have been a first: He delighted feminists.

The congressman–who insists in climate change debates that humans can’t screw up the Earth but is a nervous nellie on the possibility of Earthlings fouling up the infinity of our universe–allegedly said, “Debris is something that will limit humankind’s ability to use space for our benefit.”


Dana, does the right-wing, rubber chicken circuit know your female press secretary, who must have written the statement, is dragging you out of the 1950s?

And finally, the congressman declared this month that he’d wished a decade ago he could have supplied his elderly mother marijuana cigarettes to improve her appetite, but that “common sense” solution was blocked by a stupid federal War on Drugs.

Rohrabacher’s June 6 election opponents include Wendy Leece, Robert John Banuelos, David Burns and Suzanne Joyce Savary.

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