Dana Rohrabacher Calls Joe Biden a High Wrecker

Rohrabacher: Uncle Slammed (OC Weekly photo)

Beware pot smokers: Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden will wreck your high if he wins the White House in 2020.

That’s according to gravel-voiced Dana Rohrabacher, who last month used a phone from wherever slimy, ex-congressmen go in forced retirement to contact www.cannabisnow.com.

Rohrabacher rarely missed opportunities to prove he’s a horrible prognosticator during his three decades in Congress and is now pretending that pro-marijuana legalization efforts are best left in the hands of President Donald Trump.

“I think [he’s] made it real clear he’s on our side,” the Costa Mesa Republican beaten by Laguna Beach Democrat Harley Rouda last November told reporter Jimi Devine.

Days after Rohrabacher’s boneheaded assertion, the Trump administration opposed three pieces of legislation designed to bolster medical cannabis programs, including one proposal for additional research into how the plant can aid veterans suffering from chronic pain.

A happy Rohrabacher appears on CNN

Meanwhile, he also predicted that Biden will offer fake head nods to the pro-legalization movement only to secure votes but will go back to championship the failed “War of Drugs” if victorious in the general election.

Only “fools” would think otherwise, Rohrabacher added.

In 2016, he admitted he smoked pot in violation of federal law, an admission that might help explain why the usually scowling politician once appeared on CNN before lunch looking giddy with watery eyes.

6 Replies to “Dana Rohrabacher Calls Joe Biden a High Wrecker”

  1. Dana’s been drinking bong water again!
    I’m not excited about Biden, but I seriously doubt he’d try to put the cannabis legalization genie back in the bottle.

  2. Hate him all you want. But, Rohrbacher has done more for legalization than more democrats. For that alone I appreciate his time in office.

  3. Rohrabacher, would you rather have a HIGH WRECKER or a Drug Dealing, Marijuana Smoking former Chairperson of the Orange County GOP, former Judge (with a High School Education), former Chief Probation Officer and finally former Director of Health for the County of Orange. She Smoked so much Marijuana at her residence in the City of Anaheim (I guess Anaheim is the HAPPIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD) that her neighbors would call our Probation Records Unit complaining about all the Marijuana stench floating over to their houses. She used all her positions of POWER to Hire and Promote her numerous Lesbian Friends to positions that should of gone to more qualified applicants, as Nancy Reagan use to say “SO WHAT”. Then there was that Asst. Chief Probation Officer and her Gang of Drug Dealers, that use to make Drug Deliveries right into her Office WHILE ON DUTY, like the one arrested 5 times for Marijuana for Sale, like the one arrested 5 times for Drunk Driving, like the one that tested positive for HEAVY USE OF COCAINE, if they got caught all they had to do was make a Drug Delivery in a Brown Paper Lunch Bag and ALL WAS FORGIVEN.

  4. Sheeppls Unite!

    Reading these comments reminds me of high school rants.

    This article really is far left inaccurate.

    Dana was known to be high on the hill all the time.

    Do your research Puppet.

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