Dana Rohrabacher Makes DREAMer Cry By Ranting About Illegal Immigration at His DC Office

All of us know Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Supported Taliban) is an idiot, a pendejo, a guy who once employed a staffer who'd go on to get arrested for pedophilia (then deny he ever knew him) and believes in wacky things. But it's one thing to be some foolish politician, and quite another to make a young woman cry–especially when she lives in your district and is visiting you on Capitol Hill.

But that's exactly what Rohrabacher did last week, although what led to the tears is the subject of dispute between Rohrabacher and the student in question.

That student would be Jessica Bravo, an undocumented student currently attending Golden West College and who has lived in Costa Mesa since she was three years old. On February 6, per her account, she visited Rohrabacher's office in DC “to tell Rep. Rohrabacher my story…I wanted to explain that I have no other home than Costa Mesa, I wanted to speak for all those in my community who are too afraid to talk about their status, all those who live in the shadows and who have had their families torn apart.”

Rohrabacher's response, according to Bravo? He said “he hates illegals” and, according to The Hill, “made a veiled threat to deport her and her family,” leaving Bravo in tears.

Rohrabacher's office points the finger at Bravo's contingent, specifically at Minerva Gomez of Orange County Congregation Community Organization. A Dana staffer claims Gomez became rude, snapped at a Rohrabacher staffer, at which point Rohrabacher snapped back at Gomez. She told The Hill that Rohrabacher was “red” and screamed “'What are you doing in this office?' It was just like a shock. Everything just escalated out of control.”  

A staffer told The Hill that “he's met with illegal immigrants before…He's not going to pick up the phone to [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and tell them there's an illegal immigrant in his office. It's ridiculous.” But Bravo might have the last laugh.

“You've made it clear exactly where you stand,” she wrote. “My church, my family, my friends, and my community will not forget that you refused even to discuss a roadmap to citizenship and a better immigration process for aspiring Americans. The people of Orange County who know me and have taken the time to listen to my story will remember your stance when they vote. And unlike you I'm not making a threat. I am making a promise.”

Spread the word: Dana makes girls cry. CLASSY…

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