Dana Rohrabacher Is Finally Leaving Orange County!

Despite indications otherwise, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher—the hilariously self-styled “term limits champion” who was defeated in November while seeking his 31st and 32nd years in Congress—isn’t moving to Moscow yet to work more directly for his pal, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Bryon Tau broke the news on Dec. 12 that Rohrabacher plans to move from Costa Mesa to Maine when his term ends next month.

Tau also reported that Orange County’s senior career politician has been telling friends that he is contemplating the creation of a consulting firm, R&B Strategies, with his top congressional staffer, Paul Behrends.

Rohrabacher told the Washington Examiner that he is also interested in pursuing a new career tied to the movie industry.

“I may end up as a screenwriter, who knows—it’s time for this guy to go to Hollywood, baby!” he told the Examiner.

Either relocation choice—Maine or Hollywood—is wonderful news for Orange County, whose residents have been forced to endure Rohrabacher’s chronic embarrassing declarations—like actually weeping in public over what he saw as U.S. rudeness to Putin’s regime—or deeds—like defending the Taliban as a freedom loving organization at the very time the terrorists where harboring Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in pre-911 days.

Surprise. Surprise. It turned out after all that local citizens preferred a non-lunatic congressman worried more about their fates than pampering a murderous thug who doles out secret cash to his defenders.

Harley Rouda will formally represent the coastal Orange County district in January.

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