Dana Rohrabacher: It's Barack Obama, Stupid!

According to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican Party's “primary goal” for the next 1.5 years is not to reduce federal spending, pay down the ridiculous federal debt or cut taxes, the party's three chief public policy themes. 

No, Rohrabacher is arguing that “getting America on the right path” has to be temporarily set aside to accomplish a higher calling: the defeat of President Barack Obama.
“Our primary goal in the next 18 months is to ensure that President Obama is not re-elected, and second to that is we win a Republican majority in the Senate,” the Costa Mesa Republican wrote in a Monday comment on Red County.


Based on that strategy, the congressman–who skipped Vietnam War duty but constantly hails himself as a “patriot”–isn't motivated to help the economy improve while Obama is in the White House. This leads to an important question. Is sabotaging America–even for 18 months–patriotic? 
Rohrabacher rationalizes his strategy by claiming that conservative principles can't be enacted “unless the American people reject Obama in the next election” and that the GOP must not allow a government shutdown because, he believes, that would guarantee Obama a second term in office.
According to Rohrabacher, the 1995 federal government shutdown was perceived by the public as a Republican-caused mess that ensured the re-election of President Bill Clinton
But Red County's Chip Hanlon, a longtime Orange County conservative activist, says Rohrabacher's spin is “a bummer.”
“Those who cannot even correctly read the history of the 1995 shutdown are asking you to pardon them while they break your hearts again on spending for a couple more years–because they know best what's in our electoral interests,” wrote Hanlon, who says it's a “myth” that the 1995 shutdown damaged Republicans.
Hanlon cites THIS article by Erick Erickson as proof of the myth.
Still, Rohrabacher won't budge. Not surprisingly, he's belligerent. He dismissed Hanlon as a “heartbroken blogger.”
The next threat of a federal government shutdown is Friday.
–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly 

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