Dana Rohrabacher, Gulp, Sings at Van Tran Rally

It was billed as a Tea Party rally but today's event in a Garden Grove public park was actually nothing more than a Republican Party pep rally for Van Tran, the Republican hoping to unseat Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez on Nov. 2.

Don't believe it? Well, explain why Scott Baugh, the chairman of the OC Republican Party, was on or near the stage throughout the three-hour event and, indeed, addressed the crowd of, well, American flag-waving Republican activists to vote a solid Republican candidate slate.

One fascinating highlight was the arrival of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

He oddly wore a windbreaker on a breezeless, simmering hot afternoon. I moaned when I saw that he was also carrying a guitar. If there's one thing I always like to add to dripping-sweat days, it's a crafty career politician insisting on singing–dear Lord–a song he claims he wrote himself.

But that's what happened.

Lookout, Lee Greenwood.


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