Dana Rohrabacher Endorsement Dooms Mitt Romney's Future

You know a presidential campaign is desperate when it hails the endorsement of a loony, laughable and little known congressman from Orange County.

On Monday, Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) officially endorsed Mitt Romney and instead of prudently ignoring the disastrous development Romney, crumbling in recent polls to Newt Gingrich and apparently dying for appreciation even from Loonyville, got excited.

“I am honored to have Dana's support,” the onetime Massachusetts governor said.

Romney clearly doesn't understand what a Rohrabacher endorsement portends.

A brief, incomplete but compelling history is in order:

–In 2000, Rohrabacher hailed the election of George W. Bush this way: “We just saved America! And the party's on!” Under Bush's guidance, the nation's economy collapsed.

–In 2003, Rohrabacher enthusiastically endorsed the special election of Arnold Schwarzenegger for California governor, claiming that the Hollywood actor reminded him of Ronald Reagan
and would “be a breath of fresh air.” When Schwarznegger left office
earlier this year, he was widely considered–especially by conservative
Republicans–as one of the state's most inept governors in history.

–In 2005, Rohrabacher endorsed President Bush's selection of Newport Beach Congressman Christopher Cox to become chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
“He's well known for being a guy, as I say, who reads the fine print,
the small print and really gets into the details,” Rohrabacher
proclaimed. Under Cox's lack of leadership, the SEC suffered its most
embarrassing public scandals due to–hey, Dana, nice prediction–gross
inattention to flagrant Wall Street investment scams.

–And, last but not least in this abbreviated summary, Rohrabacher allowed lobbyist Jack Abramoff
to list him as a personal character reference with the Indian tribes
Abramoff was ripping off. In 2006, a federal judge sentenced
Rohrabacher's buddy to a prison term of nearly six years for operating
one of the nation's most brazenly corrupt lobbying scams.

you have the proper context to consider the credibility of any
Rohrabacher endorsement and especially Monday's remarks. According to the congressman, Romney has “the personal qualities and a commitment to the
right ideas necessary to lead our country in these challenging times.”

Given that history has proved Rohrabacher utterances entirely boneheaded, you know what this means if Romney does become the next president: more disaster.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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