Dalí Would

When thinking of Salvador Dalí, the images of melting clocks, long-legged elephant creatures, robust women and waxed mustaches bounce into the mind's eye. And, now, so do the images of luxury sports cars, thanks to Newport Lexus. Newport Lexus? Yes. Newport fucking Lexus. It seems these automobile pushers have commissioned a Dalí exhibit in their art gallery (yes, they have an art gallery inside the car dealership), showcasing 75 pieces by the surrealist mastermind. This will be the largest exhibit of Dalí's work ever shown in Newport Beach and will include original paintings, drawings and sculptures-surrounded by cars, cars, cars! But it's not all that bad. In life, Dalí was known not only for his art, but also for being an eccentric-so much so that he turned his name into a brand before his death (unlike most fine-art painters). Perhaps this consumerist location for an art display would be just weird and crass enough to impress him.
June 19-30, 9 a.m.-9 p.m., 2008

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