Défoncé Chocolatier Chocolate Bars: Our Toke of the Week!

Product: Défoncé Chocolatier Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
Price: $20 / bar
Dispensary: Peoples OC; 2721 S. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, Ca 92705

The best (or worst, depending on your point of view) part about these 420 artisanal chocolate bars is that they don't taste like your average weed chocolate. In fact, there's nothing about them that tastes like weed at all, which is unusual for spiked chocolate. That unmistakably green, earthy taste that lingers and often dominates the flavor of cannabis edibles simply doesn't exist with Défoncé.

The chocolate tastes better than most of the options available in normal grocery stores, and it's easy to want to devour the entire bar in one sitting— especially if you're not paying attention. I'd advise not to do that, however. These bars have 180 mg of THC in them and even though you can't taste the ganja— it's definitely there and these bars are potent. I repeat: THESE BARS ARE POTENT. 

When you open the wrapping, the chocolate is sectioned into what looks like three-dimensional triangles. It's important to pay attention to these because they're more than just cool designs. These triangles are 10 mg each, which allows for proper dosing and a delicious medicating experience. Ignoring the dosing suggestions could have some hilarious-for-everyone-but-you consequences.

When I told my good friend about Défoncé, she was over the moon about the concept. A foodie who's particular about everything she puts in her body, the idea of high quality cannabis chocolate created with fair-trade methods made hearts shoot out of her eyes. She immediately went to Peoples OC and picked up the Défoncé hazelnut chocolate bar. As soon she she got home, she broke off a triangle serving for herself and put the rest of the bar in the freezer. Not paying attention, though, she put the ganja chocolate next to the other, non-420-chocolate bars that she purchased at Whole Foods earlier in the week. And with Défoncé's professional, inconspicuous packaging it blended perfectly with the other, non-medicated chocolates.

Later that evening her husband went into the freezer to eat some chocolate and unknowingly went for the Défoncé. In his defense, the packaging is incredibly professional and doesn't look like head-trip chocolate. After consuming nearly half of the bar, and commenting on how great the hazelnut chocolate tasted, he went to bed— before the effects of 90 mg of THC took over his world. Around 4 a.m. the following morning one of their dogs barked, waking up my friend and her husband.

“I have to go to the hospital! I think I'm having a heart attack! I can't feel my body! I'm dying!” he said to my friend in pure panic, who, at this point, hadn't put together that he ate a ton of weed chocolate. Confused as to why he was in total horror, my friend tried to comfort him as he repeatedly went on about how this could be the end of his life. (For the record, my friend's husband doesn't normally smoke or partake in anything 420 related.)

My friend asked him about everything he ate that day, especially after he got home. He listed everything to her but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. About 30 minutes later he said to my friend, “Oh yeah! I forgot that I ate some of the chocolate in the freezer.”

Laughing, my friend told him that he wasn't having a heart attack and that he was just ultra-stoned. In utter disbelief that it was actually ganja chocolate he ate (because it didn't taste like weed) he was convinced the chocolate was spiked with LSD. 

After about 40 minutes of back-and-forth banter about whether or not there was acid in the chocolate (there wasn't, obviously) my friend said her husband fell back asleep—although I'm sure hibernation is a better adjective. The lesson here, folks, is don't put Défoncé along side other chocolate bars in your home because it doesn't look or taste like it has cannabis in it. Although this is the best medicated chocolate I've ever tasted, it's probably not for the novice user. Proceed with caution! A little bit goes a very, very long way. 

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