Curate Your Experience With Canndescent’s Festival Pack: Our Toke Of The Week!

Feel the colors of the rainbow (Courtesy of Canndescent)

If you’ve ever found yourself at a dispensary wondering the age-old stoner question of “how do I want to feel?” then Canndescent has literally solved all of your problems. Their newest offering answers that question with their “Festival Pack”, featuring five different strains that are easily identifiable and contain almost a gram in each of the finest lab-tested, California grown cannabis.

Canndescent takes the guessing game out of the decision making process by labeling each strain after its euphoric effects. Do you need to clean your house or try and get in ten sit-ups every other Saturday? Then Canndescent’s “Charge” will be your personal butler/trainer. Looking to watch a good movie or tackle your favorite artist’s latest album? Then the “Create” labeled pre-roll is bound to get you in the mood. Besides all of the obvious reasons for us to choose Canndescent as our Toke of the Week, we really just love the bright orange packaging it comes in. The best part is that it’s readily available at most dispensaries in Orange County, but our favorite place to pick it up is at OC3 in Santa Ana where each package retails for $55 and is sure to be the highlight of your “trip” this summer. Make sure you think of us as you settle into that lounge chair.

Available at OC3, 3122 Halladay Street Suite A, Santa Ana, CA 92705. (714) 754-1348. $55.

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