Crystal Antlers Score EW Mention

Long Beach's Crystal Antlers, who this year already netted an 8.5 on Pitchfork for their self-released EP (which was subsequently sntached up by Touch and Go) and just last night played the Bowery Ballroom in NYC as part of the CMJ Music Marathon, saw their good buzz streak continue with a mention in national mag Entertainment Weekly's music section this week (the issue currently on stands with the cast of the more boring than ever “Heroes” on the cover).

Getting in EW is an accomplishment in itself for a band these days; the music section is typically about three pages an issue that usually just amounts to a handful of record reviews (the new Toby Keith gets a B+!) and a chart. But the pub here, like pretty much everything written about the band, was positive – a quickie one-sentence review in a mini-article/illustration about the current ponderance of indie rock bands with the word “crystal” in their name (also mentioned: Crystal Stilts, Crystal Castles). “Epic psych-rock chaos, excellent for cathartic scream-offs and dashboard air drums during dull commutes,” say EW.

Crystal Antlers are currently on tour, wtih Austin, New Orleans, Phoenix and Athens, Georgia dates in their future. The Weekly has been singing their praises for a while, including Erin DeWitt's write-up in Locals Only back in April.

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