Critics Think Prosecutor is Half Right Calling Octomom Nadya Suleman a Guinea Pig

A state prosecutor claims Octomom Nadya Suleman of La Habra was being used as a “human guinea pig” by her Beverly Hills fertility doctor.

Funny, but except for the “guinea” part, it's also how many of Octomom's harshest critics have described her.

The doctor on the spot, Michael Kamrava, claims Suleman knew she was taking part in a fertility study.

Deputy Attorney General Judith Alvarado made the “human guinea pig” claim during closing arguments before the California Medical Board, which could suspend or revoke Kamrava's license to practice—and it was picked up by scores of media outlets, including the Orange County Register.

Kamrava is accused of gross negligence for implanting 60 embryos in Suleman, including 12 in her last treatment that resulted in the single mother of six giving birth to another eight children.

Besides Alvarado, Food and Drug Administration investigator Donna Tartaglino Besone accused Kamrava of conducting human experiments on Octomom and another woman. 

The doctor has testified that he always shoots for single births from each set of embryos he implants, and that while he thought it was unusual Suleman wanted to have 10 children, he did not believe it was his place to judge. Kamrava also testified she was taking hormones to encourage fertility before they met in 1997.

An administrative law judge has two months to make a recommendation to the full medical board, which has three months to render a decision.

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