Crepes De Paris Closes at Diamond Jamboree. Next Up: A Banh Mi Shop

Just got word that Crepes De Paris, the crepes mini-chain that also has stores in Mission Viejo and Brea, has shuttered at Irvine's Diamond Jamboree. If I'm not mistaken, with Greek Island Cuisine long-ago replaced by Pho Saigon Pearl, it now leaves Original Buffalo Wings as the only eatery that serves non-Asian food in the plaza.

A new store to replace Crepes De Paris is already in the works. The
operator of Papaya Thai Bistro, Elaine Tonthat, is planning to open a banh
mi shop there to be called Sandwich Club. She told me she's shooting for a mid-April opening and will serve the Vietnamese and other “international” sandwiches washed down with ca phe sua da. She also hopes to bring back gelato
to Diamond Jamboree, a feature of the old Thai restaurant that Papaya
Thai replaced.

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