Crazy Horse Brought Back to Life in West Covina…Again

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the Crazy Horse nightclub is set to reopen at the West Covina location it has called home since 2007.

The Crazy Horse had moved to West Covina from Irvine Spectrum. It originated in Santa Ana in the 1980s and 1990s, and was considered a country-and-western institution, according to this story published in the Weekly in 2005. According to the SGV Tribune, “Buck
Owens made his comeback after cancer surgery there and Merle Haggard
renounced his retirement there. The stage also played host to Garth
Brooks, Willie Nelson and Reba McIntyre, among others.”


When it moved to West Covina, the club evolved to a nightclub, offering DJs spinning `80s music, hip-hop, house and
reggae. According to the SGV Tribune, “The club closed down in December when the previous owner, John
Nuccio, suddenly picked up and left, without even paying some employees'
final wages.”

Its new owner, Robert Azinian, has applied for a restaurant and live entertainment permit, and will reopen it in a few weeks.

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