Craigslist Summer Concert Missed Connections

Yes, summer is just about over, and with it goes three months-worth of lost opportunities for lovin'. We're not sure how you let all those potential hookups slip by you, especially if you spent your summer going to concerts. While today's dating culture functions on the swipe left, swipe right mentality of Tinder, shows are still one of the last true mating grounds where a drunk girl can meet a stoned guy, bond over a common interest that's right in front of them on stage and go back to the parking lot to bang. But even if you find that perfect person in the crowd, sadly, fate may have other plans. Usually the type that involve you going home alone or sobbing in your car while listening to Journey. But don't lose hope! There's still one last chance for you OC concert goers to rekindle that momentary lodge-seat romance, so powerful even the band could feel it from 20 rows back. Take a minute to peruse this list of Craigslist Summer Concert Missed Connections.


Don't sell yourself short (or sweaty)

OC Fair 7/23 – really cute blond – m4w (Amphitheater)

You bummed a smoke then your friend then a couple other girls – really!!!

You were adorable and although I was sweating and probably looked like crap – maybe we can go to a concert sometime!!! K

Wanted to be the Hootie to her Blowfish

Darius Rucker Concert – m4w (Verizon Theater)

I took a pic with you and I need to find you.

I cant believe I didn't get your number that day. We look so good together. Your daughter took the pic for us. Find me !!

Damn, homie you coulda been on!

To Kara from The Art of Rap Concert – m4w (Irvine Amphitheater)
Hi Kara – I want to apologize for being a complete jerk to you at the concert yesterday. You were both brave and beautiful, and I was definitely sending you vibe, which drew you over to come flirt with me. Then I froze, and I totally understand why you were punching me at the end.

I started flirting with you when you first sat down in front of us, and then someone gave me a hit of something unfamiliar. I was already feeling a little “off” when I arrived, and whatever I smoked didn't help. It pulled me about thirty feet inside myself, and there were some other weird factors contributing yesterday, so by the time you came over and were making conversation, I was struggling to even just interact normally with you (from inside the insulated inner-space capsule where I was).

And I failed.

The beautiful offer you made me was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime one, and I will never forgive myself for having been too incapacitated to take you up on it (or even to respond graciously)…

I'm really sorry that I probably ruined your evening.

– M from Hollywood

I wish you were here…

Incubus show – m4w

We met at the incubus concert Sunday night. You and your niece came and swooped up some empty seats next to me and my friend. You were crazy adorable and loved chatting with you but you had to leave soon. I know this is a shot in the dark, but worth the try.

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This guy definitely doesn't sell himself short (even though it probably is)

Were you at HOT BLONDE at the Van Halen concert? – m4w (San Bernardino N Irvine)

Were you a HOT BLONDE at the Van Halen concert? There were quite a few, and I had some nice connections with some of you. Don't get me wrong, there were some cute Brunettes, but it's all about the fair-haired chicks!

If you're a hot Blonde, whether you went to the concert or not, send me your pics and number. Here's me, I'm in good shape. I also happen to have a VERY LARGE and THICK MEATSTICK. Send me some hot pics of you too if you have some. If you went to the concert, what did you think of it?

Right girl, wrong number!

Blonde in Mosh Pit Agent Orange show – m4w (So. County Bar)
You were absolutely gorgeous and I feel I've lost the woman of my dreams. I first saw you in the Pit and instantly fell in love. Yeah yeah i know. So Anyrage [sic], my friend came and asked if you were single on my behalf(again i know) and you told him to tell me grow some balls. So i did and i shot you my number. Only i think i gave you an old number. Call me if you find this

Let me be your Tom Sawyer

Rush Concert Irvine – m4w (Irvine)
You were dancing in front of me at Rush… Kept making eye contact. You were beautiful! I shared a joint with you and then you left… 🙁 can't stop thinkin about you

Guy who gives up his ticket for a woman= True Gangster of Love

You gave me your Steve Miller ticket at the concert – w4m (Costa Mesa)
We wandered off and I didn't get your number! Thank you for giving me your Steve Miller Band ticket at the concert. Much better than my paper copy. I had a great time with you….hope to find you!!

Fallin' in love like its 1985

Cathouse live – m4w

You were wearing a white shirt with a white bikini top underneath and Jean shorts and watching you dance and sing was the highlight of the show you are so sexy I would love to know you! I was in all black with a black hat.

Hipster heartbreak

FYF – w4w

This is a long shot but I saw you sitting outside of the arena at FYF on Sunday. I asked if you wanted to watch Lower Dens with me but you said you were waiting for someone. I hoped I would see you inside but I didn't. If this finds you somehow I just wanted to say you were the most beautiful girl I had seen the entire time I was at the festival.

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