Craft Spells

Out of Seattle, Washington, Justin Paul Vallesteros' synth pop project Craft Spells hasn't walked away from its initial sparkling electronic sound that launched his popularity in 2011. After The Moment, his first EP release, was the breakthrough hit that set the tone for his later albums up to 2014's Nausea, a wonder in post-shoegaze-era indie music. If Brian Wilson played with synthesizers and layered vocals, it would probably sound a bit like Vallesteros, although he claims his genre falls under “sons of Bryan Ferry” (try finding that section in the record store). Vallesteros and company are embarking on a fall tour throughout Europe and the US, a welcome experience for fans who can't help but feel entranced by his dreamlike reverberations.

Tue., Sept. 8, 9 p.m., 2015

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