Craft and Arts Mixes Palates With Palettes—What the Ale!

Beers will be consumed, as will paint. Photo by Greg Nagel

If there’s one thing art school taught me, it’s how to appreciate a well-crafted beer. Back in the day, when I was on a student-artist budget, beer money came mostly from selling used CDs. The random 40-ounce swill we would drink on sale would always finish with a Jackson Pollock shudder.

Grab a beer of your choice, then get inspired. Photo by Greg Nagel

These days, beer and art collide at local breweries on a regular basis. The entry fee to a Craft and Arts event includes a beer of your choice, and there are enough art materials to portray Bob Ross’ Afro as though it were Godzilla. Seriously, someone should paint that.

Chris Kent, who leads the event, has his art on display at Asylum Brewing in Anaheim. Photo by Greg Nagel

Craft and Arts is perfect for a date night or just a chill hang with friends. “People tend to get inspiration by talking to people and looking at shit,” notes founder Chris Kent as he guides us through a session. Surprisingly, his spiel about describing the beer you order and tying that to describing a piece of art you might like is something I hadn’t thought of, but it works perfectly.

The Bruery’s Ryan Dick and friend blast out an epic underwear piece. Photo by Greg Nagel

As it turns out, art and beer are super-subjective. The beauty of this realization is it can help kick-start the creative process, which happens quickly at our event. Some go straight for mixed-media paint complementing magazine cut-outs. Others go for bold statements with words. I stuck to my beer description, which happened to be an Asylum Pale Ale, that went down this weird pine-and-citrus-inspired path. What came out in the end was a statement on Donald Trump’s environmental policy.

Flat-Earth Trump-heads look to destroy the environment. A Nagel original.

It’s not what was planned, but that’s where the process took me.

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