Cox Offers “Unbelievably Fair” Mobile Phone Service in OC

Finally, there's solace in the fact that nobody calls you. 

Cox is the first U.S. cable company to enter the wireless arena, offering what they call “Unbelievably Fair” mobile phone plans that give you cash back–up to $20 a month–for minutes you don't use. The venture begins today in three markets: Hampton Roads, Va., Omaha, Neb., and Orange County. 


The company will use Sprint's wireless network for now, as it works on building its own. Other selling points of the service: free usage alerts to help you avoid those heart-stopping overage charges; and one TV, Internet or landline upgrade (such as a free premium channel like HBO or unlimited domestic long-distance calling) for customers who already use Cox services. The Android operating system is available on the smartphones offered, which include the HTC Desire (pictured), Motorola Milestone and LG Axis. Devices can be purchased at Cox Solution Stores in Orange County, and monthly service contracts start at $39.99. 

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