Courtyard Kafe in Santa Ana Now Open on Former Site of Original Taco Adobe

For the past couple of years, the most frustrating food explanation I had to give in Orange County is explaining what happened to Taco Adobe. There were two locations–the original one in SanTana, and a second branch in Orange–but with two separate owners. Original owner Patricio Dillon had sold off his first restaurant and concentrated on the second, taking everyone along with him. The second one tanked, mostly because of an arrogant owner who told me on the last day of Dillon's ownership, with a straight face and in front of Dillon, that Taco Adobe under Dillon “sucked” and he was going to better the place. I never went to that location again, and many others followed my lead, because the SanTana Adobe is now gone.

In it's place is the restaurant you see above: Courtyard Kafe. No word on a menu yet, or even a website, though it's definitely a breakfast and lunch joint and already has drawn customers. A field report to come…

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